CRCC 2022

For the 6th year consecutively the European cosmetics Responsible Person Association (ERPA) is organizing the annual Congress on Regulations and Compliance for Cosmetics.

The event will be virtual given the global pandemic situation, with live Q&A sessions and will be taking place on 02 – 03 February 2022

The Congress will bring together the top speakers, from Competent Authorities to professors and well-known cosmetics experts. The event cover on many topics such as an overall update in regards to this year’s cosmetics regulatory changes, The Chemical Strategy for Sustainability, The Endocrine Disruptor,  UK regulation for cosmetics and much more.

We will participate in the CRCC 2022 congress with our ERPA member MS STAR company.

We are proud to see they make it a tradition and share with all cosmetic regulatory aspects and the latest news on cosmetic compliance in the EU, and offer networking opportunities.

For congress participation and calendar, you can visit: