Private Consultancy

As MS Star, we bring our experience of consulting services to cosmetics manufacturers under a whole new roof. In accordance with the “European Cosmetics Law” numbered 1223/2009, we provide consultancy services to the companies producing and importing cosmetics; also to the companies producing cosmetics with the contract manufacturers.

Our Principles

We believe that the greatest PR effort is having a reference. So while you are having a new experience in consulting, you will notice that you are working with a close friend while ensuring the safety of your products, with MS Star.


With the philosophy of "First Human Health", we report the safety of the products served to the market, with our experienced and professional team. We see the companies we work with as our business partners, and serving them with high quality and fast solutions at low cost.


We know that nowadays the cosmetic products has an important place as medicine and they have to be supplied to the market sensitively. By following the regulations, guidelines and new developments in cosmetic products, we help manufacturers to serve products which are safe and showing the neccessary importance to human health.