Responsible Person

Since July 2013, European Union Regulation 1223/2009 for cosmetic products came into force. According to this regulation, a Responsible Person should be identified for cosmetic products served on the European Union Market. So as the first step, you need to identify a responsible person for your cosmetic products just described as in the Cosmetic Regulation’s articles 4 and 5.

Only cosmetic products for which a legal or natural person is designated within the Community as ‘responsible person’ shall be placed on the market. (Article 4.1 of No 1223/2009 Regulation for Cosmetic Products)

Responsible Person is obliged to ensure the compliance of the cosmetic product just described as in Cosmetic Regulation. The Responsible Person should be based in the European Union and has an important critical role. Responsible Person should ensure the complaince of products which is served to the European Market, shoulder all liabilities specified in the Regulation, and shuold be the only contact person with the competent European Union Authorities.

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