Labeling and Claims Compliance

However being a part of the European Union and following the European Union Regulations, Member States may have different requirements for cosmetic products labels and packaging. So when it comes to prepare your labels you must be aware that every single word will be strictly observed and this step sould be regarded carefully. For different countries you have to prepare translated labels compliant with the Member State’s rules.

So for a full compliance of your product’s labels and packages, MS Star will review and ensure your compliance to the regulations about labels and packaging and also the Member State’s rules which the product will be served.

European Union Regulation 1223/2009’s article 20 is about claims of your cosmetic product and also the proofs for your claims. But also this is a subject of a seperated regulation with number 655/2013 which is just only dedicated for the claims and their proof. This regulation aims to ensure your claims to be understandable, beneficial and also to be honest. You claim should inform the final user to make a decision for choosing the most suitable product for their expectations and needs.

Claim is a sensitive and a very strictly controlled part of a cosmetic product, so our experts are very experienced about the claims and MS Star helps you to save time and money by avoiding rejection because of a inappropriate claim.