The European Union and United Kingdom Cosmetics Regulations aim to ensure product safety by requiring that cosmetic products placed on the market have a Product Information File (PIF) that collects the product’s safety information, regardless of where they are produced. These analysis results proving product safety and product safety assessment report are compiled in this file.

Mandatory analyzes for cosmetics are;

  • Stability Test: Indicates the shelf life of the product, that is, how long the product maintains its function and quality when used under normal and predictable conditions, and that it can be used safely.
  • Compatibility Test: Indicates the compatibility of the product with the primary packaging of the product.
  • Microbiology and Preservative Efficacy (Challenge) Test: Necessary to determine the microbiological quality of the product and to prove that the preservative used in the product does not have the risk of microbial growth during the storage and use of the product.

These mandatory analyzes can be increased for the intended use of the product, the target audience and/or the marketing claims that are desired to be included in the labels.

For example; If you want to place the claim “Dermatologically tested” on the product label, you will additionally need to perform a patch test for the product.

Mandatory laboratory testing can be done anywhere in the world, not just in the EU or the UK, as long as the laboratory where the analysis is carried out follows accepted protocols and methodologies.

The results of the laboratory tests are taken into consideration in the safety evaluation of the product by the Safety Assessor, stored in the Product Information File (PIF) by the Responsible Person and submitted to the competent authorities in case of inspection.

Analyzes are significant part of the compliance process for cosmetic products. It is therefore necessary to pay close attention to these requirements and to have reliable partners to run the operations.

As your Responsible Person Ms Star, with experience of more than 10 years, we are eager to support you to run analysis operations by guiding you through most suitable laboratories.